Fast Start Video

What makes this system superior?

ScaleEngine gets viewers to your stream faster. How do we do this?

We have our own system that assigns viewers to close streams. When you embed our streaming URLs in your website, you are using this system. There is no delay while the CDN searches for a fast node; selection has already been done. Viewers get the fastest start, as the connection to the stream is made as soon as the page loads.

This is a Video on Demand example.

The selection of the best edge server for the viewer is done automatically. Our system presents views of geographically close nodes based on the location of the viewer. Many CDNs use an internal negotiation system that redirects viewer connections to an available service. This results in a slower start. We don't do this. Our system is the fastest.

Our fast start system works for your Live and Video on Demand. VOD is cached locally. Live streams and popular videos start within milliseconds; the only delay is the player buffer setting.

The keyframe frequency also affects how quickly video will start. Video can only start on a keyframe, which contains all the data a player needs to start showing the video to the viewer. At the expense of file size, or in the case of a live stream, bitrate and resolution, sending a frequent keyframe means video starts faster. If you only send a keyframe every 5 seconds, your viewers could wait up to 5 seconds before video can start; however, the resolution will be better at a lower bitrate, as more of the data is available to describe changes in the encoding. If you send a keyframe every second or two, your start time can obviously improve, but you will need to increase bitrate to have the same resolution.