Flash players for Android

We often get requests about Android. Specifically, Androids used to have quite limited support for HLS, but there is now JW player support for HLS found in our famous embed generator. There are many android phones that will play HLS with the built in video player, but not all of them will play everything.

You can still install flash on Androids, and while this is not a native solution, it does allow playback if you can get your users to install the apk.

Android flash app versions are found in the Adobe flash player archive.

The latest version of Firefox for Android allows you to directly play HLS urls, as does the beta version of VLC for Android. All you need to do is use the HLS link our embed generator provides, and then provide some kind of html link, such as this: tap here to see the HLS stream.

Or, you can use our video.js example. Its limitation is that it will not do multi-bitrate.