Amazon Firestick Fix Playback Issues March 21, 2017

Troubleshooting an Amazon Firestick where stream is sticking or stuttering while playing a live stream over HLS? There is a setting in their player for skipping. Set it to true and it will render HLS video much better.

Scrolling Overlay SystemOctober 18, 2016

We will have a dynamic scrolling overlay system to get scrolling text across the bottom of the screen in your live streams shortly. Users will be able to set a default message, or update the message dynamically in the control panel or with the API.

JW Player 7.7.0 BugOctober 17, 2016

Earlier this month we started getting reports that users who use jw's "cloud" player were seeing HLS streams stop working. They've just announced 7.7.1 to fix the problem. This is why we only serve "known good" player versions, from our CDN servers, for our users. I keep saying this, but player companies are not CDNs; it's not their core business to provide scale and stability.

New Channel Feature: Reload Playlist at OffsetSeptember 29, 2016

Feature: Reload playlist at offset is documented and tested, and will ship next week.
Channel users will now see the currently playing clip as the default reload starting point in the control panel interface. Users will be able to click to select any list item to be the reload starting point for their stream.
To maintain backwards compatibility, with no reload offset defined, lists will start to play out at the beginning, as always.
API users simply add "start_on" as an optional parameter to the channel.reload call.

New Channel Feature: Clone PlaylistJuly 21, 2016

Feature: Clone playlist has been documented and added.
Users can now copy an existing list to another list. This should greatly simplify weekly management for users with rotating daily lists that play on a single stream.

Streaming on Twitter with a Player Card June 17, 2016

We are supporting twitter player cards now, so you can stream inline in a tweet (works nicely on mobile). If you'd like us to set this up for a stream, let us know.

SEAnalytics Google Analytics feature April 28, 2016

We have a Google Analytics plugin ready which sends all of your stream hits to GA, providing number of sessions, average time watched per stream (by country and city), as well populating the real-time map view location stats that GA made famous. This view correlates well with our real-time viewer counter and graph.
Note that this is different from either JW Player Analytics or Wowza's Analytics. Specifically, we can pass real-time viewer activity data from every edge node worldwide, on every stream, including viewer IP address. Because we are able to report in real time on Live Streams, (which JW Player's analytics cannot do), you get a live heat map of your streaming event in GA. It's also a lot better than Wowza's Analytics module, which does not pass viewer IP address, and only reports the server IP address to GA.

New Channel feature - Reload Mar 2, 2016

We have now completed upgrades to support instant startup and reloading of your playlists. Basically you don't have to wait for a transition time anymore, you can just control it yourself in the control panel. Channels now start as soon as you create them. Happy streaming!

In other news, we have a way to pass through labels for jw player users, so your smil file can show your text and not just the bitrate.

Also, wanted to announce that we now support DASH streaming for both VOD and Live.

We will have a big announcement about our recording system in the next few days as well.

Pausing a stream after a few seconds with JW playerOct 9, 2014

To pause your jw player stream after some time (maybe you don't want people leaving a stream on all night?), add this to your ScaleEngine embed code.

jwplayer('se_video').onTime(function(event) {
if (event.position > 900 && event.position < 900.4) {
} });

You can use this.stop(); also, but it doesn't keep the last frame on screen for you. Adjust the timer number you want, I've shown 15 minutes in this example.

VMix supportMay 6, 2014

We are pleased to announce that we are a VMix partner. launches Pay Per View with SE-VUPosted Oct 11, 2011 by Allan Jude has started implementation of the SE-VU Virtual Usher ticketing system, allowing instant pay per view access to their content for those who don't want to torrent (and wait) for episodes of Pioneer One and other premium content.

API release 0.8 AnnouncementPosted August 11, 2011

SeeView (SE-VU) Virtual Usher

Video CDN customers can now access the Scale Engine API to build a pay per view theatre for Transaction Video on Demand. Developers should refer to the documentation. We have also posted example php code for creating a SE-VU Ticket (See View), our virtual usher system allowing content owners to manage pay per view video on demand for subscription VOD and transaction VOD.