Deliver Static Content Quickly and Reliably

ScaleEngine's Managed Content Distribution Network (CDN) serves your media (images, audio, video) and static objects (CSS, JavaScript, XML, PDF) from a global network of servers and locations. Your sites will load faster and your users will be happier. Designed to deliver maximum throughput to each user and to withstand spikes and surges of traffic, our network of distribution servers enables us to offer you exceptional per gigabyte pricing for content delivery. The CDN servers are also capable of compressing your CSS and JavaScript objects to reduce your bandwidth utilization and ensure your users are able to load your pages as quickly as possible. Our CDN servers are also capable of rewriting the headers of FLV and MP4 video files, to enable users to seek through a video without having to download the entire file first.

Order ScaleEngine's CDN Service
Content Distribution

The ScaleEngine Content Delivery Network stores copies of your static objects at our various edge locations in order to deliver them to the users as quickly as possible and to distribute the load to prevent users experiencing any slowdowns. The CDN works on a hybrid push-pull mechanism. Objects are copied from either our OWC or your own origin servers the first time they are accessed by each node. You can also preemptively push content to our nodes to reduce the slight delay users experience when they are the very first user to request a new object. The ScaleEngine API also offers the 'Prime' operation, which allows you to asynchronously request that a new object be primed at all relevant edge locations.

Account Flat Fee (Per Month) $25.00
Monthly Data Charges (Per Gigabyte) $0.08
Data > 50TB* (Per Gigabyte) $0.05
HTTP Requests (per Million) $0.85
HTTPS Requests (per Million) $1.00
HTTPS SSL Certificate Installation please inquire