Image, Object and ESI Acceleration with Edge Side Caching

Add a layer of performance without adding a layer of complexity to your existing infrastructure. ScaleEngine's Edge Side Caching (ESC) system sits in front of your existing Origin site, reducing load while also increase speed and responsiveness. Our ESC servers receive most of their configuration from the cache-control headers that are already sent by your applications. This decentralized configuration means that you remain in control of how your content is delivered, and for how long it is cached.

Edge Cache

The ScaleEngine Edge Side Cache stores your most popular content directly in server memory rather than on disk. This ensures that your most popular content is delivered as quickly as possible. The Edge Side Cache adapts over time as the popularity of various objects change, always keeping the hottest content as close to the users as possible. The Edge Side Cache is the least expensive content delivery system, however you have no direct control over what items are stored in the ESC. You can prevent items from being cached, and set an expiration date to force content to be refreshed, but the ESC's own algorithms determine what content is most popular. The ESC can either sit in front of the ScaleEngine CDN or Web Origin, or can pull content directly from your own origin servers.

Account Flat Fee (Per Month) $25.00
Monthly Data Charges (Per Gigabyte) $0.06
Data > 10TB* (Per Gigabyte) $0.055
Data > 50TB* (Per Gigabyte) $0.05
HTTP Requests (per Million) $0.75
HTTPS Requests (per Million) $1.00
Custom SSL Cert (w/ IP Addresses) $500.00/month