Live Streaming Service

Our Live Streaming Service ingests your RTMP stream and allows you to publish RTMP, RTSP, and HLS streams to the world. You get one stream name with this $25 (USD) plan, and your data (exact usage) streamed to viewers is $0.09 per GB monthly. This plan is ideal for schools, churches, governments and businesses that stream regularly but that only have a few cameras or production units. It is easy to add Google Analytics support, stream recording or transcoding, and we have dead simple url generation with self managed stream names in our control panel.

Live Streaming FAQ

Q: I am using JW Player, why would I use ScaleEngine? Don't you guys use their player?

A: JW Player is a player provider, who have had an expensive CDN offering bolted on to their player service since 2014. We are a video CDN, and we have JW Player bolted on to our service (along with video js). Our users like JW Player, and we provide nice examples of how to use it, but our users need a top quality, high-scale CDN first and foremost, with capacity, experience and support. The player does not matter if the CDN cannot handle your traffic. We've been in business as long as the old Long Tail Video where JW started, but we've been doing high traffic video as our core business much longer, and much better..

Q: Who are your customers? Where's the list of company logos?

A: There is a partial list (no logo) in our new WhitePaper on Video CDNs. Our customers are successful due in small part to us, but mostly because they have great businesses. We think it's important to respect that hard work, and not to try to take credit for it. While we mostly deal with sport production companies, game producers, churches/mosques/synagogues/temples, and video production companies, we do deal with a lot of different users. Anyone can put up an indiscreet page with a list of names and logos, or a bunch of unverifiable testimonials. It doesn't really impress anyone, and we aren't out to impress anyone that way.

Q: Can I get mobiles, set top boxes, and tablets to view my stream as well as desktop flash users?

A: Yes. This is a very frequently asked question. Mobile streams out with HLS or DASH perfectly from your h264 encoded source. Simply use our embed generator. The same applies if you are streaming VOD, as long as you follow recommended encoding specifications.

Q: Do you support multi-bitrate streaming for live? Can use the _1 and _2 feature in FMLE to send two streams?

A: You can stream at your multiple bitrates and switch between them with one smil document that matches your bitrates. It's better to use our transcoding system, as you get a stronger source stream, and keyframe alignment, as well as any customizations you want.

Q: My app needs to be Low-Latency and the random CDN I was using wouldn't do this for us.

A: We hear this all the time. We have several Low-Latency HLS apps tuned for very specific iOS timing requirements, as well as RTMP low-latency chat applications.

Q: I want to record, and show it as soon as possible with a VOD embed.

A: With our Recording system, live streams are saved on the server: stream live, have it recorded, and play as VOD shortly after. Recordings are fully downloadable, and can be made available for HTTP or HTTPS downloading as well.

Q: I've never heard of you guys, and none of the forums or reviewers talk about you.

A: We're fine with not being talked about. We are not a "start up" and we are not looking to get media attention, issue press releases, or raise investment funding; we like to make things work well for our customers. That means we know how to scale instantly and effortlessly to thousands of simultaneous viewers. We focus on quality, not on getting attention.

Q: What is with the two guys in the video on all your pages? Why can't I hear them?

A: We think video should be muted on pages you find when you are researching things. There is an unmute button on the player, as well as a full screen button. The two guys are the hosts of the TechSnap podcast, and the guy on the left is the Chief Architect of ScaleEngine. They are talking about computer security. We hope you will notice the high quality streams that we provide, using this as an example, as well as pick up some industry best practices from this expert discussion. Or you can just leave it muted.

Q: Why do I have to pay a flat fee every month?

A: We aren't a start-up giving away product to acquire customers. We do have a demo request form. We don't and will never have advertising. Start-up streaming companies change their business model without notice, splashing ads all over your streams, or changing pricing. Since we are a business too, we charge money. To be blunt, if your business isn't worth $25 a month for its CDN or streaming, the problem lies with you, not us. Using free, or $5 hosting reflects poorly on an organization in our opinion. Choosing proper, scalable hosting means you are prepared to grow.

Q: Do you give out free demos automatically? Do I have to talk to you?

A: The live demo is automated. We've decided we don't need to talk to you for that, even though we like to understand our customers, their business, and their abilities.

Q: How long does it take to get set up after a demo?

A: Everyone needs to get set up by an engineer. We test and verify every deployment before releasing it.

Q: Why don't you guys do contracts? Everyone is trying to lock me into a contract, and you don't care?

A: We don't care. All we ask is that you pay for each month in advance. We earn your business every month, and we don't want you to be locked in to something you don't need.