Accelerate and Optimize your Web Applications

ScaleEngine is a load balanced application acceleration platform. Engineered to increase the performance of nearly any web application, with a minimum of code or configuration changes, the ScaleEngine Hosting Platform is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS); You build the apps, we'll take care of keeping them running. A single code base powered by clusters of application servers delivered through redundant web servers, backed by a load balanced and replicated database. All to ensure your application is accessible even under the most demanding load conditions.

Origin Web Cluster

The ScaleEngine Origin Web Cluster (OWC) is a specialized system designed to run your unmodified PHP/MySQL web application in an accelerated and distributed environment. Unlike traditional hosting, your application and database run decoupled from the user facing web server, allowing your application to take advantage of our pools of dedicated resources. You can enhance your application to take advantage of the additional features of the OWC, but existing software packages such as Wordpress, Drupal, Code Igniter, vBulletin, and phpBB will run out of the box, at speeds you never thought possible. The OWC meters your usage in a number of ways, including the volume of SQL queries, the amount of CPU usage for SQL, PHP and Shell processes, as well as your disk usage.

Account Minimum (Per Month) $25.00
Bandwidth (Per Gigabyte) $0.15
HTTP Requests (per Million) $1.00
HTTPS Requests (per Million) $1.25
Origin SQL Usage
Select (Per Million Queries) $0.10
Update (Per Million Queries) $0.15
Other (Per Million Queries) $0.05
Replication (Per Gigabyte) $0.10
Origin CPU Usage
SQL (Per CPU Hour) $0.50
PHP (Per CPU Hour) $0.50
Other (Per CPU Hour) $0.75
Origin Disk Usage
High Availability Storage (Per Gigabyte) $0.20
Single Availability Storage (Per Gigabyte) $0.15
Reduced Redundancy Storage (Per Gigabyte) $0.12

You can also add extras to your account to enhance your service. You can also control your feature set and costs by selecting only the options you need.

Dedicated IP Address (Per Month, Per Server) $2
SSL Certificate $25/year
Private Memcache Pool (Per Megabyte Per Month) $0.25
Private Memcache Pool (Per 128 Megabytes Per Month) $20.00