Video CDN Price Comparison of BrightCove and ScaleEngine

Service Type ScaleEngine Video CDN BrightCove LimeLight Reseller
Video Stream Hosting, Per GB/month $0.09 $1.75

BrightCove is a LimeLight reseller.
You can get video for $0.50 per Gb (if you are a reseller under contract), or actual BrightCove for $1.75 per Gb.
I know this is insanely high, but it's there on their website. After the $99 trial, you pay $1.75 per Gb over your monthly limit.
To do 1Tb of video streaming, you would pay $1750 with BrightCove, $125 at ScaleEngine.
With our VOD system, you get automated video analysis for selection to a player, and a tool to generate multi-bitrate in the player.
It's a single smil file to do perfect MBR with your VOD.

BrightCove, however, would likely buy you lunch.

*Comparison of prices from 2012-02-16. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.