BrightSign Price Comparison

Service Type ScaleEngine Video Channel BrightSign Network
Networked playlists per month $100.00 $?????
Hardware playback box Roku 2 XD $80 Roku Brightsign XD 230 $450

It may seem odd to point out that Roku has a very expensive solution, and a very reasonable one, in the same article, but the point is that their streaming box, the Roku 2 XD, is a perfect solution to combine with a ScaleEngine channel.

A Roku BrightSign is a small hardware box that connects to installed displays, showing looped content, read from an SD card. That was probably awesome technology in 2007. You have to push out your new video content to the SD card. Most stores do this once a month. That's neither flexible, nor acceptable in 2014.

ScaleEngine channels let you control streams centrally, with on the fly, seamless, dynamic updating, from anywhere in the world. Add and manage video, mix in live content, and update your displays when it suits you. That's the real power of an internet-based solution that works.

BrightSign network is still a 1:1 video source to display solution. All units must download a copy of the media. A ScaleEngine channel account allows you to create several streams, and show geographically relevant content to groups of displays, from one centrally managed source. With BrightSign, not only do you have to buy a proprietary hardware unit, but you also have to pay for a network subscription. If you've got available network, why wouldn't you get a real internet based display solution and just connect it to a Roku box?

Bottom Line: ScaleEngine channels are proven, reliable, and ready to go, giving you convenient, manageable control over your displays, Roku channels, or point of sale systems. BrightSigns are nice players, but, for the network infrastructure money, you can get better playback, and far superior control of your content by using the Roku box (Roku 2 is $80 and does 1080p) and a ScaleEngine channel.

*Comparison of prices from 2012-12-31. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only. We don't know how much the BrightSign Network costs. We do know the Roku BrightSign network units start at $450.