Video CDN Price Comparison of Dacast and ScaleEngine

Service Type ScaleEngine Video CDN Dacast EdgeCast Reseller
Video Stream Hosting, Per GB/month $0.09 $0.25

Dacast is an EdgeCast reseller.
You can get EdgeCast video for $0.16 per Gb (if you are a reseller under contract), or Dacast for $0.25 per Gb.
Same situation as Wistia: $75 for your 275Gb of transfer, per month, vs $50 with us.
To do 1Tb of video streaming, you would pay $250 at Dacast, $125 at ScaleEngine.

If you are doing pay per view, note that we take %15 with our system, and you get our stream quality and service.

*Comparison of prices from 2011-12-01. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.