Video CDN Price Comparison of Wistia and ScaleEngine

Service Type ScaleEngine Video CDN Wistia
Video Stream Hosting, Per GB/month $0.09 $0.25

With Wistia for $29 a month you get 100Gb of transfer included, and 50GB of storage.
ScaleEngine at $25 account minimum, charges $0.09 per GB, and so it's $9.00 for 100Gb of transfer.
Wistia will charge you $0.25 per Gb over the 100Gb of transfer, putting you at $72.75 for 275Gb, per month.
To do 1Tb of video streaming, with just 3 streams, you pay $250 at Wistia, $60 at ScaleEngine (2 extra streams @ $5, and $25 for the data).
Wistia sells at the same rate as Dacast; they are a reseller.

We've learned the following: Wistia uses both Edgecast and CDNetworks as their CDN partners. Edgecast mainly for US distribution, and CDNetworks for Europe.

*Comparison of prices and reseller information is from 2012-03-03. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.