Reseller Account Program Details

Businesses can now apply to offer our premium quality, high-scale, geo-dns video streaming services to their customers under their own brand as resellers.

As a reseller, you provide your customers with full access to ScaleEngine statistics, control panel and toolset. This is in a white label configuration, set up with your logo in the header and your vanity domain names in the stream URLs.

Our reseller system features this white label control panel so your customers will see their stats on usage, viewers and streams in your business context.

With the same convenient embed generator and front end for stream publisher authentication, our system is ready for you to put in an iframe, or for branding with your ISP/company logo. Your customers get the same awesome back end power from ScaleEngine that provides perfect streams all over the world.

Resellers get preferred demo requests and isolated statistics for their users. We are also providing exclusive territorial agreements for countries if you can commit to meeting usage targets.

Contact us about Reselling Video Streaming today.