Our Streaming Pricing Explained$0.09 per GB streamed

Our customers who use under 10TB a month pay $0.09 per GB of data streamed, for any streaming application. Remember, your video is streamed out in bits, but you are billed in bytes (a reduction by a factor of 8 from the "bits"). The streaming pricing is usually something people will frequently ask us about. Here's the logic behind our system.

At ScaleEngine, we pay in advance for our network access and servers. Also, we are in a somewhat unique position, in that we cannot "repossess" what we sell to you (data), and even if we could, most of our users are in other countries. What we do, therefore, is quite simple. We take a payment early in the month, to cover what we think your usage will be. If you are just starting out, this is your account feature fee. Otherwise it is the feature fee plus your usual month's usage. This gets you the ability to stream with us at our $0.09 per GB rate. If you use $40 worth of data on a $25 live stream account, we'll estimate $40 for the next month, along with the $25 feature. We would charge you $40 + $25, which would be $65 for the next month.

We have tiered pricing available for larger users, available with a commitment of 10TB and up to 500TB monthly. Please use this form to request specific bulk streaming rates.