Wowza Gocoder

Gocoder Quick Setup with ScaleEngine Streaming Accounts

We support for the Wowza Gocoder app, mobile streaming to your ScaleEngine account at up to 5000Kbps in HD quality. This is a one step setup for app buyers, that will provide user/password management.

Gocoder is ideal for organizations that need remote streaming capability anytime, anywhere there is a cellular network.

Basic setup requires your ScaleEngine account origin server URL, your application name, and username and password for the Host, Application, and Login settings.

Our control panel allows you to add accounts in the Stream Authentication section. Select your application and stream name, provide the username and password, and secure access for all your Gocoder users. You can stream at very high quality if you are on good wireless. Similarly, you can revoke user access in the control panel.