Channel Overview

What is a Channel?

The channel system is a type of linear playout system: it takes a playlist of video assests, VOD or live streams, and plays them in order as a single output stream. This can be used to create scheduled programming or as a "liner", to ensure that there is video on air when you're not broadcasting.

Playlists can be found in the control panel under "On-demand > Playlists". Each list can be managed here. One or more lists make up a channel.

The output of a channel is a single video stream, functionally identical to a live stream. You can set up players and transcoding exactly the same as for live streams.


Playlists are found under "On-demand > Playlists" in the control panel. On that page you can see a list of your playlists, and can add more. It also shows you when those lists are scheduled, and what stream they will play on.

In the manage page, you can adjust the stream to play out on and the scheduled time in the properties box.

The field "Play Out on Stream" controls what stream it will play out on. If more than one list is set to use the same stream, then when one is scheduled to start, it will take over from what is currently running.

VOD Items

To add items to the list, use the "Add source" button at the bottom of the items. This will add a new entry in the list of items. Expand this item, set the source to "VOD", and click "Browse" to select a VOD file.

Items can be rearranged by dragging. When you are finished, click "Update name List" to save your changes.

The "Add Multiple Videos" button brings up the file browser and allows you to select multiple videos to add to the list.

Live Streams

If you select a source of "live" when adding an item to the playlist, this will add a live stream. Use the "Stream" dropdown to select the stream you wish to add. Note that you can only add streams that are on your -chorigin app, which must be selected when creating the live stream.

When this item comes up in the list it will start playing the live stream, until the stream stops. If the stream is not live, it will continue to the next item. You can also limit the length of the live item by setting the length field. If this field is set, it will skip to the next item when the number of seconds has passed.

Scheduling the List

The "Scheduled Start Time" field controls when the list will start playing. When this time is reached, the playlist will start playing on the stream, replacing the current list. The server only checks every 5 minutes, so you must schedule start times at least 5 minutes in advance. Note that the server will still perform the start, just after the scheduled time, on the next 5 minute interval.

The 5 minute interval can be bypassed by scheduling the list for the current time, and using the reload button.


Close Channel

Clicking this button immediately stops the stream.

Reload Channel

Clicking this button will immediately restart the current list from the top.

Reset Channel

Clicking this button stops the channel, then starts it playing the currently scheduled list from the start. Use this to start your channel if it is stopped.

Export Playlist

Clicking this button will download the playlist as a csv (Comma separated value) file.

Reload at Offset

Clicking this button wil cause the curent playlist to restart, but from the item in the Video Offset field rather than the top.

Video Offset

This field controls what offset Reload at Offset will use.