Streamfetch Remote Camera Capture

Streamfetch - Repeat Installed Camera Streams Easily

There are many physical situations where an installed camera is an excellent candidate for a streaming source. Churches, municipalities, construction sites and security systems using Axis cameras are all ideal stream sources... if you have the right streaming provider. ScaleEngine can pull any H264 stream from a non-encoder source, such as a security camera, or an older encoder that is incapable of sending RTMP or RTSP. Our system is pretty flexible and can pull almost any stream. Some formats may require additional transcoding services. Streamfetch allows you to pull an existing stream and send it into our system. This will allow you to use the CDN and all of its features without needing to use an encoder to relay the stream. Any stream can be used as long as our systems can reach it, and the video is suitable for our system, i.e. h.264 video encoding.

Setting up a Streamfetch

To begin, go to the streams page in the control panel and set up a live stream for the fetch to send to. Refer to the live streaming howto to set up the live stream.

To set up the Streamfetch, go to Services > Streamfetch in the Control Panel, and click the "Add Stream Fetch" button. This will take you to a form where you need to enter the information for the stream to be fetched.

  • Source URL: A URL that the stream can be played from.
  • Stream: Select the stream you setup that you want to have the fetch send to.
  • Audio Codec: If the stream has AAC or MP3 audio, select "copy". If there is no audio, select "none". Some cameras use codecs like G.711, if this is the case, select "AAC", and our fetch will transcode the audio for you.
  • Server: Select the region closest to the stream source.
  • Active: If you uncheck this box, the fetch will not run. This can be used to temporarily stop a stream while preserving your settings.

Once that information is entered, click "Save Stream Fetch", and the fetch will start to pull the stream in about 5 minutes. If the fetch does not work, or the stream needs special settings to play, please open a support ticket and we will do our best to make your stream work.