Recording System

Live Stream Recording

Our Recording System takes your RTMP streams and records either the entire stream end to end, optionally segments by time intervals, or just records the portions you desire. You will have an mp4 file in your storage in about an hour after your stream ends.

The system is configurable to your requirements. We provide recording controls in our control panel, through our API, and also provide code for you to use in your own web application.

Multi-bitrate streams are all recorded and are keyframe-aligned. We auto-generate smil manifests of the resultant VOD for simple posting of ready to use VOD.

No other recording solution provides on the fly recording split with an API callback for immediate publishing of VOD. Perfect for sporting events.

This feature includes the VOD system file browser, direct file system access, and our player generator.

Recording by Interval

Recording is available as either continuous or interval. You set it in the control panel, to either record all, or segment your recordings by time on a schedule, or by file size.

You can split recordings manually from the control panel controls, or by using our API. File name is returned for convenient posting as VOD. Perfect for game review, installed cameras, surveillance systems, and security installations. The time period for file splitting is configurable per stream.

ScaleEngine Recording System FAQ

A: Yes. This is done via the API. We provide HTTP controls in the control panel that allow you to start/stop and split a recording.
A: The API returns the filename to your app, or to the control panel.
A: The file appears a few minutes after you stop recording, in your storage archive.
A: This feature comes with VOD service. You will be able to browse to your recordings and instantly generate a fully compatible player for most devices.