Streaming to Roku

How to Deliver Content to Roku Boxes

Q: How does it work?

A: You upload VOD, place it the order you want in our control panel, and embed the stream in your brightscript code.

Q: Can you transcode a live stream?

A: We do this. Send one high quality stream and we will output multiple bitrates for your brightscript.

Q: Do you host VOD for Roku?

A: We do this as well. Your viewers can watch perfectly streamed shows on demand.

Q: Are there any restrictions? Do you have rules on what users can do? Some services don't allow connection to Roku.

A: We want you to connect to Roku. We don't see them as a competitor, because we get out of the way and let your streams power your business. No restrictions. It's your channel and your content.

Q: How do playlists work?

A: You upload VOD, or send a live stream, and then place it the order you want in our control panel, and embed the stream in your brightscript code.

Q: Why is it better?

A: With the CDN as the origin, your connection to the CDN is not a quality variable for your Roku viewers. Your viewers just pull the stream directly from the CDN, with no dependency on your upstream network.

Q: I am currently streaming with Wirecast to manage my channel. Can I add live content?

A: Sure. Just stream TO the same channel app, and schedule it in. You will be live as long as your stream is connected, after which the next VOD asset transitions into the stream.

Q: No one is Live Streaming to Roku this way. How are you guys doing it?

A: We know. We saw a hole in the market and developed our own solution.

Q: How does your pricing work?

A: You have to have a positive balance to stream, and you pay either a) your usage at $0.09 per GB streamed to users plus storage at $0.20 per GB, or b) the $25.00 minimum (Live or VOD, Channel is $50.00), whichever is more.

Q: Can I schedule daily playlists once a week, so I don't have to manually change things all the time?

A: If "now" (in UTC time) arrives, the stream transitions to the new playlist. Set things for MTWTF and your channel runs your content at the appropriate time.

Q: How do users get the stream? Does everyone see the same thing?

A: All Roku users see the same stream, from us. With playlists you don't do any streaming, unless you want to go live.