VOD Overview

ScaleEngine Video On Demand

ScaleEngine's VOD system distributes your video to the world efficiently, and it's easy to use. We take in your encoded mp4 files and stream them to TV, mobiles, desktops, laptops and tablets. Your control panel view of your content displays critical details like encoding, duration, and viewport dimensions, and gives you an easy one-click player embed that is fully portable.

We offer advanced features such as an API for thumbnail and BIF (Base Index Frame) generation as well as an instant player generation system. If you also use our live streaming, our recording system automatically integrates into our VOD system, so you can quickly post event recordings.

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A (moving) picture speaks a thousand words.

Our load balancing system assigns viewers to close servers. Viewers get the fastest start, as the viewer is transparently routed to an optimal server before the stream starts. The whole process is done behind the scenes, requiring no effort on your part.

ScaleEngine Storage

Our storage systems are located in one of our two Canadian data centres, and meet Canadian government requirements for physical server storage location and handling by a Canadian company.

All data is redundantly stored, and comes with rsync, unix shell, and ftp/sftp access to our storage. There are no restrictions on what you can store or upload. Backups and non-media type storage is available.

If you have specific storage needs, please Contact us, and we'll see what can be done to meet your reqirements.