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ScaleEngine Inc.

ScaleEngine Inc. is in Canada
with storage arrays in Toronto and Fremont
and video servers all over the world

Media Inquiries/Telephone: (800) 224-0192

About the Company

ScaleEngine was founded in 2009 to provide highly scaleable video services and supporting infrastructure. The company offices are in Hamilton, Canada. It is a Video CDN (Content Delivery Network) specializing in storage, recording, distribution of video content, and support for secure playback of valuable content. We are now in our fourteenth year of streaming high-traffic video to the world. We pride ourselves on our stability, reliability and availability.

ScaleEngine Inc. is a Canadian Federal Corporation based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

ScaleEngine Data Centers

We maintain servers in USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, Finland, Holland, Poland, Japan, Singapore and Australia. Our main storage clusters are in highly secure facilities in Toronto, Canada, and Fremont California, with diverse transit to the world. Transcoding systems are available in Toronto, Sydney, and Rotterdam, as well as in every region of the United States.