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ScaleEngine Inc.

85 Mountain Avenue
Hamilton, Ontario
L8P 4G3

Media Inquiries/Telephone: (800) 280-6042

About the Company

ScaleEngine was founded in 2009 by Allan Jude and Stefan Caunter. The company offices are in Hamilton, Canada. It is a Video CDN (Content Delivery Network) specializing in live streaming of video content, and support for secure playback of valuable content. We are now in our twelfth year of streaming high-traffic video to the world. We pride ourselves on our stability, reliability and availability.

ScaleEngine Inc. is a Canadian Federal Corporation based in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

ScaleEngine Data Center Map

We have over 60 POPs in 38 cities in 11 countries, with multiple locations in some of these cities, and excellent transit to the Middle East.

About the Founders

Stefan Caunter

Caunter is Deployment Engineer and VP of Sales. He has handled high traffic since 2001 as system architect for Insurance Hotline, using NetBSD, and later for Toronto Star. After attending BSDCAN in Ottawa in 2003, he wrote and taught the first nginx and BSD unix courses in Canada at Mohawk College in Hamilton.

Allan Jude

Allan Jude is Site Reliability Engineer and VP of Operations. He makes extensive use of ZFS on FreeBSD. He is also the on air host of the video podcast BSD Now (with Benedict Reuschling) on JupiterBroadcasting.com. He taught FreeBSD and NetBSD at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Canada from 2007-2010 and has 16 years of BSD unix sysadmin experience.