Video Ad Serving Templates

VAST: Video Ad Serving Templates

ScaleEngine provides VAST support as well as linear playlist support so you can show paid advertising on your streams.

Our VAST (Video Ad Serving Template) capability is built into our closely maintained version support for the clappr player. We provide the latest stable version of clappr that is bug-free and recent. The clappr plugin for VAST ads takes a URL that points at your VAST XML. These xml urls are templates that are generated by your ad serving provider. Check the VAST box in our embed generator, add the VAST URL, and your ad will play before your stream is viewed.

The clip below runs a ScaleEngine pre-roll ad before starting the movie, directly referenced from VAST XML. Viewing the source will show the full example VAST enabled player code.

If you are a channel playlist user, you might want to schedule ads into your lists, between your content. Serving your ads this way offers several advantages, primarily that the player cannot skip or block the ad, either with tracking protection or third party ad blockers.