Video Streaming

Reliable live streaming. Live stream transcoding. Record live content directly to on demand. Restrict viewing and sharing to your approved audience with SEVU. Reflect any stream to Facebook and other promotional services.

Live Streaming Details

Build your Internet TV Channel

Create a list out of video clips. Schedule it to change the content automatically. Never have dead air on your stream with archived content for when you're offline. Cut in live, then return to regular programming. Push streams anywhere.

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Archive Your Content

Convert your live streams into VOD files. Server-side recording. Record all bitrates. Split into segments on a schedule or manually. Use API controls to have the recording begin and end with the action.

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Live Stream Transcoding

Start with one high quality stream and let us make the rest. Have high quality for most viewers, and low bitrate for weak connections. Use adaptive streaming and let the viewer have the best experience, on any connection.

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Syndicate Your Streams

Push live streams to a Facebook post, Periscope, Youtube, Twitch and other marketing platforms. If you have an Akamai contract you can push directly to Akamai HLS ingest. Syndication can be automatic or manual.

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Developers API

We provide a comprehensive API for application developers. Methods include stream management, playlist functions, security token generation, validation and revocation, push services to facebook, and direct recording controls.

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