Video Streaming Expertise

Reliable, simple live streaming, with direct, responsive support. Use our global CDN and extensive streaming experience.

With support for HLS, MPEG-Dash, RTMP, and RTSP, you can reach any viewer on every device. You can also set up full DVR rewind capability so your entire event is available.

Live Streaming Details

Robust Security

Content owners around the world protect valuable pay-per-view streams with our SEVU security. Apply business rules to ensure that only approved viewers can watch your content.

Use our API to issue SEVU tickets, view their status, and immediately revoke viewer access on-the-fly.

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Stream Push

With ScaleEngine, you control your streams from a single central management system. Send your streams anywhere you want them shown, whether that's over our CDN, to Facebook, Twitch, or anywhere else.

Get full distribution for all your streams from a single control panel: your ScaleEngine account.

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Monetize Your Content

ScaleEngine supports both VAST xml pre-roll advertising, and DAI Dynamic Ad Insertion advertising. Combine that with our Linear Playout Channel system, where you can schedule your own advertising and you have several ways to maximize revenue from your content.

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Build your Internet TV Channel

Create a playlist of pre-recorded content and have it play out as a live stream. Schedule it to update the content automatically. Push channels to marketing channels just like you can with live streams.

Cut in live at any time, then return to the pre-recorded content, and never have dead air on your stream.

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Live Stream Transcoding

24/7 transcoding at reasonable prices. Keep your streams available no matter how long you're live.

Free up your bandwidth to send the best possible quality stream. We'll take care of the lower bitrates for you. Use adaptive streaming and let the viewer have the best experience, on any connection.

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Promote your streams

With no branding or restrictions on how you can use our services, you can promote your streams however you want.

Use our support for VAST ads in our player generator, or push teasers of your stream to social media, attracting viewers to your site. With ScaleEngine the possiblilities are endless.

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Developers API

We provide a comprehensive API for application developers. Methods include stream management, playlist functions, security token generation, validation and revocation, push services, and direct recording controls.

Our API offer full control functionality. Almost anything you can do in the control panel, you can do with the API.

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Stream Switchboard

With our switchboard system, you have one output stream that switches between any number of input streams or channels. Automatically falls back to the next active stream if one goes offline.

Switch betwen presenters or cameras without any need for special software or hardware, and keep your viewers in the live action.

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