Storage Overview

ScaleEngine VOD Storage System

ScaleEngine's VOD storage system secures, displays and organizes your content for distribution to the world. Upload your h264 encoded mp4 files using our API, control panel, or direct secure server access. Your control panel view of your storage provides essential features. See complete metadata details like encoding, duration, frame size, frame rate, aspect ratio and bitrate. Generate an easy one-click shareable link, and a player embed that is *fully portable*. Fully portable means *no restrictions* on where you can share, publish or place your players. Rename and delete any clip instantly. Generate shareable download links for HTTPS viewing and distribution, as well as a thumbnail and BIF link for TV apps.

Every account has access to instant API generation of thumbnail and BIF (Base Index Frame) as well as an instant player generation system. Live streaming is completely integrated to the storage system, so you can quickly post podcast or conference recordings. Easily capture and record cameras or feeds over months long durations. Captures are split into downloadable segments set to your time zone for convenient review. You can set a custom retention policy to save a certain window of recordings, so you have predictable storage costs. You may also purchase extended offsite storage of snapshots. You can store a few gigabytes of clips for a channel, or many terabytes of recordings, as needed.

For any data sovereignty compliance requirements, we are fully located geographically in Canada for PIPEDA compliance. Storage is completely external to United States jurisdiction. European clients can request written commitment to exclude storage to comply with GDPR data sovereignty requirements.

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A (moving) picture speaks a thousand words.

Our load balancing system assigns viewers to close servers. Viewers get the fastest start, as the viewer is transparently routed to an optimal server before the stream starts. The whole process is done behind the scenes, requiring no effort on your part.

ScaleEngine Storage

Our storage systems are located in one of our two Canadian data centres, and meet Canadian government requirements for physical server storage location and handling by a Canadian company.

All data is redundantly stored, and comes with rsync, unix shell, and ftp/sftp access to our storage. There are no restrictions on what you can store or upload. Backups and non-media type storage is available.

If you have specific storage needs, please Contact us, and we'll see what can be done to meet your reqirements.