SEVU: Scale Engine Virtual Usher

Stream Access Authorization and Security

ScaleEngine's Stream Access Authorization and Security system includes our SEVU security system, which protects valuable content for businesses around the world, and is available on a per stream basis, with one simple to change setting in your control panel. It is resilient, robust and scales up to match your growth.

SEVU is the only token security system that supports instant access revocation (banning) as well as event logging, and flexible IP network access list granularity with definable "frequency of access" restrictions.

Recent benchmarking has tested out at 5000 tickets per second issued with the API, and 1500 concurrent issuing and verifying API calls. It secures Live and VOD streams with simple API calls that enforce your business rules.

SEVU Basics

Your application will issue tickets to your legitimate viewers, and our system verifies that the ticket allows that viewer, from that IP address, to see the stream. If you want to revoke access, a simple api command will ban the viewer within a few seconds. Using either our control panel or our API, you can examine logged usage of any SEVU ticket in real time.

The SEVU API documentation is here. Example code in various programming languages is available for SEVU ticket request methods for C#, php and java.

SEVU Wordpress Plugin


The ScaleEngine Virtual Usher (SEVU) plugin provides easy to implement, strong video stream security for WordPress sites.


    The simplest way is to install the plugin from your wordpress dashboard.
    Search for SEVU.
    Once installed and active, configure the plugin using your ScaleEngine API credentials.


After you have installed the plugin you will need to configure it with your ScaleEngine API credentials. From the wordpress dashboard go to Settings > SEVU. The CDN #, Public and Secret API Keys, and API endpoint, can be changed here. The API endpoint should not be changed unless directed; it is there for users who wish to use development versions that may not be stable.

Using the SEVU WordPress Plugin

There is one method to use the SEVU Plugin: the shortcode sevu_ticket which will order a ticket and return a parameter string that you append to your video urls.

The Sevu_Ticket and Attributes

    To issue a ticket from within a wordpress post, simply append a shortcode 

    ?[sevu_ticket app_name=example-live] 

    to your video player HLS url, which will issue a ticket, 
    and will replace the shortcode with a parameter string. 
    You can view the parameter string in your site 
    source code to verify that you are issuing tickets.

Attribute 	Definition
app_name 	Name of the ScaleEngine Video Application. Required
video 		Restricts the ticket to a specific video (ex. Path/to/file.mp4). 
		Defaulted to *. Optional.
ip_restrict 	Restricts the IP Address of the ticket to the remote user. 
		Default true. Optional
num_uses 	Sets the number of times a ticket can used. Default 99. Optional
expire 		Sets the ticket to expire at a specified time. 
		ISO 8601 or RFC 2822 formatted date, or as a relative time string 
		(‘+X units’). Optional

You can revoke access to your streams, from the control panel, at any time, 
by entering the ticket you want to deny.

Secure HTTP download is available with our Secure Link implementation.

HMAC token security is available with our HMAC implementation.