Live Streaming

ScaleEngine Live Streaming System

Send a stream from your encoder, and publish your streams to the world with any one of our video players. Leverage ScaleEngine's global CDN to broadcast to any size of audience, without needing to run a single server.

Whether you're a small operation that streams regularly to your dedicated fans, or a group that that has massive events, ScaleEngine can accomodate your needs. Features like restreaming, security, on-demand playback, and recording, are included. We have dead simple player generation in our control panel so you can get everything live quickly.

We do not restrict where you can place your stream, or where you can use your stream. We also do not place limits on viewer numbers, archive access, or stream density. Stream as much or as little as you want, whether that's a 12 megabit 4K stream, or a 24/7 480p TV feed - we make it happen.

See our list of supported encoders including vmix

Restreaming is included! Send a copy of your stream to Youtube, Facebook, Twitch or any other platform directly! Our push publishing feature is included on all accounts at no additional charge!

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WebRTC Live Streaming

WebRTC is a protocol that is used by most modern browsers to stream live video. Used by most video calling applications, it offers a widely supported way to send a live stream without a dedicated encoder app.

ScaleEngine supports live streaming over WebRTC, allowing you to send a live stream from any modern browser into our videocdn. This works with all features: recording, switchboards, push publishing, etc. Using WebRTC you can start streaming to any audience without any additional setup or software.

This means you can get started right away with your live streaming project. Just sign up for a demo account. WebRTC streaming is enabled on all demos, and you can publish with a single click from inside our control panel.

WebRTC Documentation