Monthly prepaid streaming packages

What's good about video hosting with ScaleEngine? We don't lock you into a contract. We don't impose artificial minimums on usage. We don't over-subscribe our servers. With ScaleEngine you get exactly what you're paying for.

You can stream whatever you want, whenever you want, and just pay for your usage when you're done. We have no time of use restrictions, no time limits, and no hidden fees. No one likes a surprise in their bill. That's why we charge you a fixed monthly feature fee, and exact bandwidth/storage usage.

Whether you plan to stream a little or a lot, need additional features or just want a stream that you can show to people, ScaleEngine has just what you need.



  • Streams: 1 (+ $5 each)
  • Video-on-Demand: Enabled
  • Recording: Enabled
  • Restreaming: Enabled
  • Channels: N/A
  • Streamfetch: Enabled
  • Transcodes: N/A
  • Google Analytics: Enabled
  • DVR: N/A
  • Storage: $0.20/GB
  • Bandwidth: $0.09/GB



  • Streams: 1 (+ $3 each)
  • Video-on-Demand: Enabled
  • Recording: Enabled
  • Restreaming: Enabled
  • Channels: 1 (+ $30 each)
  • Streamfetch: Enabled
  • Transcodes: 1 720p (+ $50 each)
  • Google Analytics: Enabled
  • DVR: 2 Hours Max
  • Storage: $0.15/GB
  • Bandwidth: $0.08/GB



  • Streams: 25 (+ $1 each)
  • Video-on-Demand: Enabled
  • Recording: Enabled
  • Restreaming: Enabled
  • Channels: 10 (+ $20 each)
  • Streamfetch: Enabled
  • Transcodes: 2 720p (+ $50 each)
  • Google Analytics: Enabled
  • DVR: 8 Hours Max
  • Storage: $0.10/GB
  • Bandwidth: $0.07/GB

Transcoder Pricing

Transcoder pricing is based on the frame size of the input stream and the number of outputs. The price is a flat monthly fee, with no restrictions on usage. Transcode 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Transcoding is available for both live and channels.

Per Stream Pricing

Input Size Outputs Price
480p or less 1 $25/month
720p 2 $50/month
1080p 4 $100/month
Over 1080p Please Contact us

Additional outputs may be purchased at $10/month each.

Outputs must be the same as or smaller than the input frame size.

Prices are for 30 frames per second or less. Framerates over 30/s will double the price.

Enterprise Account

Sometimes you need bulletproof support so you can call and get fast help for any emergency. We handle mission critical streaming for businesses every day, and have experts ready to deal with anything that may happen.

ScaleEngine Enterprise service gets you access to all of our features, with priority email support, as well as priority business hours telephone support. Weekend and after hours support is also available.

Contact us to discuss how we can make ScaleEngine work for your business needs.

Dedicated Transcoders

All of our transcoding is performed on custom-built GPU accelerated systems. This allows us to offer transcoding at a fraction of the typical market price. This also allows us to offer even lower prices for customers in need of bulk transocding, or greater flexibility.

Dedicated transcoders are available for $500/month for a single GPU system, or $800 for a dual GPU system. A dedicated transcoder supports approximately 16 720p inputs, or 8 1080p inputs per GPU, depending on the configuration. You get complete and unrestricted access to the full resources of the transcoder. Please Contact us for more information.

Additional services for dedicated transcoders, such as custom software are available upon request.