Transcoding Live Streaming AccountMultiple Bitrates from a single source live stream

ScaleEngine's Transcoding service is a production success. The feature is available for all Live streaming customers worldwide.

ScaleEngine runs the transcoding for you, producing outputs to your specification. Send us your best bitrate stream. We'll crunch 1080p down to your specifications, from 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p, right down to 160p and audio only, for mobiles. This is an excellent way to maximize the quality you send from a 3 or 4 megabit uplink. No more sacrificing top end quality to accommodate lower bandwidth requirements. Push out a single HD stream and let us handle the rest.

Pricing for this feature is simply based on the number of output streams you want: the source stream is always free. The first output stream is $50 (per month), and any additional outputs are $15 (per month).

It is $65 additional (per month) to get two transcoded output streams with (for example) a 480p lower bandwidth stream, and a 360p mobile stream, and your source stream.

Normal bandwidth charges apply.

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