Live Internet TV Channels

Linear Playout Channels

ScaleEngine's channel system reliably powers internet TV and Radio around the world. Whether you are running a web TV station or feeding Facebook, Twitch or Periscope, or legacy cable head ends, you will find our playout system makes high quality, reasonably priced real-time managed linear streaming a reality.

This is a self-managed cloud playout solution for content owners with Apple, Android and SmartTV apps, Roku Channels, or cable TV contracts. Get centralized distribution and management of video assets, playlist control and seamless instant updating with no restart or video interruption.

Our channel system comes with a number of unique features. You have the ability to tailor your playlists for different days. You upload your video clips to us, arrange them in playlists, and create output streams in our control panel. You can push these streams out to multiple platforms simultaneously if you use our restreaming service.

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