Our Network

Global reach

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With servers in 30 cities across 9 countries, our network is capable of delivering streams all across the globe.

Full Hardware Control

We control all of our own servers. We can and do adjust any configuration. From high level settings in the streams, to tuning the socket buffers in the operating system, we make sure everything is optimal for modern streaming.

Intelligent response

With extensive monitoring of our network and a global load balancer, we respond to problems before they're even noticed by a viewer. Our systems automatically route viewers away from an edge server with a problem, and geo-locate viewers to the most optimal edge server.

North America

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From our home datacentres in Toronto and California, we have a wide range of distribution locations across Canada and all of the United States.


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Leveraging high quality bandwidth in Holland to provide origin services in Europe, and with edge servers scattered as far as Finland and Poland, we offer excellent coverage for Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

The Far East

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From our servers in Singapore, Australia, and Japan we have good capacity and coverage for the normally expensive and difficult to cover Pacific rim regions.