The Portfolio Page That Would Impress Nobody

So where's the impressive list of companies and logos, with fluffy PR statements from breathless CEOs who somehow cannot imagine life before they started using us? Guess what folks. That stuff means nothing. Transactions are just that, transactions. We don't do press releases, and we avoid publicity. We just like making things work.

So this basically means we are looking for customers who feel the same way. We're not going to brag that you are our customer. You're probably not going to brag that we are your CDN. We're fine with that.

The point is, there's nothing fake on our website, and there's nothing fake about what we do. We don't resell another CDN, we are our own CDN (we get asked this all the time). We don't advertise, beg for reviews, or make friends with bloggers. People search for reviews of us all the time (yes, we look at google search strings), and they don't exist, because the only people using our stuff are busy running their businesses. We have been asked by CDN review sites for access, but we think it's more interesting to not have any review, than to be jammed in with dozens of competitors that we don't care about and don't really need to know about.

So, if this is where you landed, and you are disappointed, you'll bounce back to the SERP page that sent you here (no one ever landed on a portfolio page and bought anything).