ScaleEngine Blog

New Features

March 2, 2018

Some of you have noticed the new website look. We would like to point out some new features that we have added.

On the Live Streams page, you will now see a complete list of any stream you have running, channel, encoder, or transcoded output, with complete encoding details, and a player. You can also use these streams to assemble a playlist of live streams for switching.

We have easy to use push services available for all your live streams. You can push channels, transcodes and full resolution input streams to all marketing platforms (FB, Scope, YT, Twitch, etc), with no limits, simultaneously (normal bandwidth rates apply). Please contact us if you want this enabled on your account.

In our embed generator, along with the responsive clappr player, we have added a feature to limit stream resolution to player size, if you need to reduce mobile viewer's data usage. As always, your ScaleEngine urls are end-to-end standard from demo account to production, to facilitate migration and development.