ScaleEngine Blog

Keeping Your Stream Up

October 5, 2018

We had a request from a customer to see if we could do something about their stream to Facebook dropping. They were having network issues that were causing their encoder to lose connection to the server.

Our solution was simple. Push the ScaleEngine channel output, and not the source stream. When this customer goes live, they are live both on ScaleEngine (for their web/tv apps and website) as well as Facebook (which is a push from ScaleEngine). The simple change, to push the channel output, ensures that if there is a problem with the live stream, the channel will keep going, by playing the next item in the playlist.

Once the live stream is back and stable, it is easy to return to the live stream, using our "Reload at offset" feature, available in the control panel, or programmatically through our API.

If you are streaming for an hour on Facebook (or Periscope or Twitch) it is vital to audience trust and retention, that you do not drop the stream. Viewers will leave for other content if you go dark.

Doing your pushes to these platforms with the ScaleEngine channel system means you know there will always be something streaming out, even if your ISP or cell network lets you down. We will be able to maintain the push for you, showing your prerecorded content, until you can restore your live stream.