ScaleEngine Blog

New Control Panel is Launched

December 3, 2018

Our new control panel is live. We think you'll be pleased with how it works.

In particular, we've designed it so it works on your phone or tablet.

We've rebuilt the live streaming and channel pages so your workflow is simpler and gets you the information you need faster. We've added a new feature called "Switchboard". This allows you to create an output stream, with different input streams as its content. You set ranked priority for your input streams, so that you can "cut in" automatically from a location.

We've also made it easier to upgrade your account, buy more streams and channels, and access our services like transcoding and recording more easily.

If you need to quickly access your list of stream pushes, to add or manage destinations, that is now its own sidebar link. If you are a reseller, you can quickly enumerate your sub-accounts to access stream publish points or get player urls.

Speaking of player urls, the embed code generator is still our familiar easy to use system, but you can now test everything from your phone or tablet too.

Finally, your profile consolidates your business profile details, billing, invoices, and history, as well as allows you to view and purchase features easily.