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Use Live Switcher to Keep Streams Going Forever

February 1, 2019

Every ScaleEngine account now has the new live stream Switchboard feature available. This awesome feature can be quickly used to keep a stream running forever, so let's talk a bit about that.

You will now have three features available: Live, Channel and Switchboard. Live is basic "send a stream". Channel lets you build a loop of content that runs forever. Switchboard combines them. Switchboard lets you create an output stream name and use your Channel loop as an eternal fallback. Define any other incoming stream as priority, and it will take over the stream.

You can add several inputs, and if any of them are present they will take over as the output source. If every stream goes away, the channel loop will play out. This is ideal for events with multiple venues, or conferences where different presenters will send a stream, and there is one stream that switches between different inputs.

The Moogfest festival ran its streams on an early version of our Switchboard. You can find out how cool this is for yourself if you take a free trial.