ScaleEngine Blog

WebRTC Support

January 27, 2023

WebRTC in browser streaming from web cameras is now supported for existing accounts. This technology replaces the old Flash camera streaming that was finally discontinued two years ago in January 2021. It is quite similar, in that it simply "grabs" your camera and sends it to our server.

There are some differences, but we have made it transparent and easy to use. There is a secure negotiation, "signalling", that the browser initiates with the server. The audio stream is also modified to be compatible and playable with devices and players which expect AAC audio.

Every user with a -webrtc app on our system will see their streams available and playable in their channel origin. This makes them available for priority in switchboard output streams, as well as for generic live playback.

WebRTC is currently available by request to existing accounts. We will add continuing support for new demos this month, to enable direct to camera web browser streaming from one click in the control panel.