ScaleEngine Blog

The Download Feature Explained

October 31, 2023

The secure content download feature in the control panel, and the API, is a fully featured implementation of Secure Link. We used to call this an "add-on", but it is actually a core part of our VOD service, specifically the HTTPS direct access to your content.

More than just security, it allows our customers to have complete and convenient control over their online VOD storage, generating shareable links, and limiting access to only viewers with that link.

In the control panel, these are clickable, shareable links. A download can also be provided that does not expire, with no IP address limitation. All of this can be automated using the API as well, for designing VOD library apps for Roku.

We expect to provide fully compatible json for Roku soon as a VOD feature, so that libraries can be easily turned into consumable streaming apps.