Conference In A Box

Stream Your Conference or Meetings

With the ScaleEngine streaming system you can run a virtual conference or presentation from home. As long as your conference speaker has a laptop and webcam, they can present virtually, by streaming to your central ingest point that we assign you. All of your speakers are assigned stream names, and you simply need to assign them speaking times.

So how does this work? You will simply use our switchboard system, which is a "conference in a box", so to speak. Add all of your speaker's stream names into the list of live streams that can play out on the switchboard. You can also add any prerecorded talks into a playlist and schedule those talks to play at a specific time. To take your conference live, publish the switchboard output stream on your website, and on your social feeds, on the days you have speakers scheduled.

You may publish a player on your website, using a single iframe, or simply a single url in your social feed, to let any conference attendee watch the speakers. Recording/archiving of any talk is the default setting, so you can have quick turnaround to on demand access. DVR rewind is also available, so that viewers can go back to review key points during a live talk.