WebRTC Camera Capture

Podcast with WebRTC

WebRTC is a protocol used for streaming from within your browser. Using WebRTC, you can send a video stream from a phone or desktop browser with no additional software. Most modern browsers should support it, allowing you to send a live stream and broadcast on the ScaleEngine CDN.

WebRTC is supported on all account types, and you can find a publishing page inside the control panel. In the stream manage page, click the "Stream to [streamname] using webrtc" button. There is also a link to a page that can be shared with staff at a venue that can be used without credentials to the control panel.

The following test encoder can be used to publish a stream over webrtc to a supporting server, from a device such as a phone or computer with a webcam. This can be used to test WebRTC services. You can also sign up for a Demo account and test out our services right away.

No encoder? No problem. Use your phone camera or any camera connected to a computer to send a high quality live stream. This is a fully featured WebRTC example which is able to detect all available video and audio devices. Use cases include streaming from a laptop, streaming from a phone from any location with a good signal, and using external cameras with a computer that has compatible inputs.

Our WebRTC sample page is all javascript, and is easy on a processor, so a less recent machine will run it fine. The clarity and quality is high by default, but you will want to set the frame size you want. You should use maximum bandwidth unless you have very little available network.

WebRTC Test Encoder

Packets sent per second