Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB)

ScaleEngine has deployed a gdnsd based geo-diversity system (we are the FreeBSD port maintainers). We spoke at EurobsdCon in October 2012 on the deployment. Rather than only making the choice based on geographic data, gdnsd uses application and network aware checking to make the availability determination based on an up to date picture of the global server pool.

Specifically optimized for HLS delivery, your viewers are instantly sent to the closest geographic edge to begin downloading your streams.

Expensive load balancer reliability, automation and features, without the expensive load balancer! Our GSLB service puts an optimized response policy into DNS, aliased to our server farms, and health monitored. Should transit or server availability go down in an area, ScaleEngine DNS stops sending users to that region. You get closest geographic node service for your users, plus transparent service failover. Defined pools are set to smooth out traffic distribution across regions, and failover to additional capacity is automated in case of traffic spikes.

Unlike physical load balancer systems (Barracuda, F5), there is no need to update a load balancer at each node manually, which introduces the risk of operator error. With our DNS defined pools and dynamic health checks, your users will be directed to the closest available server in your geographic region.

Every ScaleEngine VSN and CDN account uses our GSLB system. It's part of what makes ScaleEngine the Technical CDN choice.