How Do I Keep A Stream Always On?

Keeping Your Stream Always On

This video tutorial shows you how to use a switchboard to keep a stream always available, even if your encoder disconnects because you lose power or network.

Here's how to use a switchboard to keep your stream "Always On":

  • Set up your "fallback" channel. This is what plays when there is no live stream. You will want to have some kind of appropriate video clip that can play in a loop that lets your audience know that a live event is coming up, or in progress.
  • Create a live stream in your ScaleEngine control panel on the channel origin "chorigin" app.
  • Configure your switchboard with the channel as lowest priority, and the live stream as higher priority.
  • When you send the live stream, it "takes over" and becomes the priority. If/when it goes away, the switchboard plays the fallback channel.
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