Push Publish Service

Easily Send Your Stream To All Social Platforms

Your audience can quickly be watching perfect streaming on any social platform you wish. Simply add any ScaleEngine Live Stream to your social networks. Our auto push system will take care of the rest.

Unlike other providers we offer centralized stream push services. With this system, your stream can automatically be sent, simultaneously, to all the various social platforms. With your one ScaleEngine stream, you can have a presence on your Facebook, Periscope, Youtube or any other Social Network that accepts video input.

Not only does this expand your community reach, it greatly simplifies your workflow, centralizing stream management, and it also saves you expense on outbound internet bandwidth, since you only need to send one stream to ScaleEngine. We are the only streaming provider that allows multiple simultaneous stream pushes to marketing platforms.

ScaleEngine is an end to end streaming solution for your broadcasting requirements. We get you testing and verifying your stream before most other places answer your email, and we can answer any questions you have directly through email or telephone.

Direct Simultaneous Push to Facebook and Youtube

Using ScaleEngine for live streaming so you can record, transcode and secure your content just got better. Now you can automatically push out live streams to all marketing platforms automatically.

What makes our push system great? Three things, convenience, simplicity, and reliability.

First, convenience. You can set up all your outgoing pushes in one place. Your streams will push to any destination automatically, as soon as your encoder connects. Set and forget. Like all of our services, there is a complete API for programmers.

Secondly, simplicity. Doing a Facebook Live promotion? Simply enter the persistent key, and you'll be live when you start your stream. Want to stream events continuously to Youtube or Twitch? Set up auto-push once, and you'll always be live.

Third, reliability. Streaming to Periscope? We can provide an optimized transcode for you that always meets their requirements, and that will always be live. Channel users can be live on ScaleEngine for standard web app delivery, and simultaneously live on Youtube and Twitch channels for promotion.

Setting up RTMP pushes

To push from ScaleEngine to an RTMP destination, you need the RTMP connection information. This requires a hostname, an application, and a stream name. Some providers such as ScaleEngine also will have an application instance.

An RTMP URL looks like


So for example:


Host: ltnglobal-origin.secdn.net
application: ltnglobal-origin
instance: live

If the URL includes the stream name, such as for ffmpeg, it will look like:




Some RTMP urls will omit the instance, if that's the case leave it blank in the push configuration.

The push publish interface in the control panelsupports pasting entire URLs into the host field, and in most cases, this will work