Wowza Streaming Cloud Compared to ScaleEngine Streaming

Service Type ScaleEngine Live Account WSC 10/100
Monthly Stream Hosting Per month $25.00 $49.00
Included Data 0GB 100GB
Overage Charge $0.09 per GB $0.09 per GB

Wowza just resells Amazon Services, so they are not a "CDN". They're reselling their own system which they provide to Amazon. You get an instance on EC2, with limited capacity unless you want to pay for additional standby scale, which, like anything on Amazon (except books), is prohibitively expensive.

Note: they do not do VOD or playlists at all. If you want to do recording, this is not convenient at all, and if you need to scale up for popular VOD content, it won't work well, and will get you a huge bill because amazon...

Their 10/100 Product is 49 dollars per month, which gets you 100GB streaming. For $100 you get almost 1TB of streaming with us. Wowza's overage charge is also $0.09 per GB. But they limit the amount of streaming you can do in a month, to 10 hours. We have no such limit, and just one price, $0.09 per GB, for your actual data usage.

The $15 Wowza package, provides 10GB of streaming. Scaleengine will charge you $0.90 for 10GB of streaming, plus our $25 minimum. Okay, a little more, for an actual CDN with worldwide presence and massive standby capacity available at no additional charge.

Bottom Line: To do 50 hours in a month, with 500GB of video streamed out to viewers, you would pay $85 in data and $220 in hours at Wowza, and just $70 total at ScaleEngine.

*Comparison of prices from 2016-01-29. All pricing is USD, exclusive of Canadian taxes. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.