Channel Building Specifications

Channel Video Profiles for Stability and Quality Performance on Smart TVs

For channel building these are the video encoding specs to follow. This creates maximum compatibility with Roku, tvOS, and other TV devices, which are not as forgiving as web browser based players. Google TV, Amazon Firestick and app based players will also play best if you follow a consistent encoding profile.

  • Use either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 (not both).
  • Use 24, 25, 30 or 60 fps (frames per second).
  • Use either main or high profile (choose one). High is best.
  • Use Level 4.1 or 4.2 (choose one).
  • Use constrained variable bit rate.
  • Do not exceed 10mbps. If your audience is going to have trouble at a certain bitrate, do not exceed it. You many find quality acceptable at 2mpbs. You may want to do 6mbps. Bitrate is a large determinant of your bandwidth bill. Viewers will pull 3 times the bandwidth at 6mbps compared to 2mbps.
  • Use a key frame interval of either 4 or 8 seconds. Quality is better at 8 seconds. There is more available data space for the calculations to draw frames.
  • You must use MP4 encoding, and either AAC or MP3 audio, 2.0 channel (stereo), 32-256kbps, 16 bit, 44.1khz or 48khz sampling (choose one).

The channel building interface pictured above is updated in real time as you upload your clips. Select the video from the popup that you get from "Browse".

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