Compare Streaming with Scaleengine To Amazon EC2

ScaleEngine Vs. Amazon

Amazon is cheap right? Couple of bucks right? $1.774/hr for a streaming server, sounds great! From their page,

You are charged $85.00 once a month regardless of how many instances you launch after subscribing.

Their words, not ours. And you haven't begun to run your events. Along with prohibitive costs for 24/7 streaming the data ingress and egress charges will pile up. And support is only available on a payment basis.

ScaleEngine is $25 per month. Just with $85 to get your foot in the door at Amazon, you would be streaming 24/7 with 650GB of data streamed out to viewers. With effective direct support and excellent features that are built for real world streaming requirements.


Monthly Pay As You Go

  • $25 per month
  • Live Streaming 24/7 included (with Backup Origin)
  • Video-on-Demand: Complete solution
  • Bandwidth: $0.09/GB Exact Usage
  • Player: Use our Clappr player, anywhere
  • Cancellation: Month to month, cancel anytime

Amazon EC2

Monthly Pay As You Go

  • $85 per month to start
  • Live Streaming with EC2 instances at $1.774/hr
  • Video-on-Demand: user must set up
  • Bandwidth: same $0.09 per GB monthly
  • Player: Bring your own
  • Cancellation: You lose all setup and data, or keep paying