Compare Streaming with Scaleengine To Wowza Cloud

ScaleEngine Vs. Wowza

Wowza has a similar $25 a month pay as you go plan to ours, which we have been offering since 2010. Their offering is inferior, with hourly charges just to SEND any stream to them, and an expensive way to count viewers, by "hour", so that any single viewer costs you $0.10 whether they watch for 59 seconds (likely) or 59 minutes (unlikely). They also upcharge for streaming to Facebook, and do not offer VOD service, recording, or DVR.

Scaleengine's famous $25 per month plan has no charges to send us streams. You can stream 24/7 to us. 24/7 streaming is a whole other level of expense with Wowza Cloud. Our viewer charges are simply exact data usage. A 59 second view is charged as a tiny amount of data. One hundred of those might add to the one hour Wowza charges for ONE viewer. When our other features like transcoding pricing (at $100 flat monthly for 24/7 1080p) are factored in, we are a much better value. Plus we answer the phone and email you directly!


$25 Pay As You Go

  • Unlimited Hours of Live Streaming with a Backup Origin
  • Video-on-Demand: Pay only For Storage
  • Viewers: $0.09/GB Exact Usage
  • Facebook Push: Simple bandwidth at $0.09 per GB
  • Lots of extra Features

Wowza Cloud

$25 Pay As You Go

  • All Live Streaming Activity is an Additional $2.50/hour
  • Video-on-Demand: Not Included
  • Viewers: $0.10 per viewer hour
  • Facebook Push: $0.25 per hour
  • Everything is Extra