Compare Streaming with Scaleengine To Vimeo Advanced

ScaleEngine Vs. Vimeo


Monthly Pay As You Go

  • Live Streaming with Backup Origin
  • Video-on-Demand: Pay only For Storage
  • Bandwidth: $0.09/GB Exact Usage
  • Player: Use any player, anywhere
  • Roku/AppleTV: Place URLs in your app
  • Cancellation: Month to month, cancel anytime


Pay Annually up front

  • Live Streaming only with their player
  • Video-on-Demand: Limited to 240 clips annually
  • Bandwidth: totally capped at 2TB monthly
  • Player: Their Branded Player
  • Roku/AppleTV: URLs cannot be used for apps
  • Cancellation: You pay up front for the whole year, and can cancel only within the first 30 days