Sermoncast price comparison

Service Type ScaleEngine Basic Live Account Sermoncast Premium
Monthly Stream Hosting Per month $25.00 $100.00
Included Data 0GB 100GB
Overage Charge $0.09 per GB $0.55 per GB

Sermoncast appears to only operate one streaming server, so they are not exactly a "CDN". I suppose they add some value with their all in one player, but if you have your own website, it's straightforward to use our player and get your streams out on our Global Video Distribution system.

Their Premium Product is 100 dollars per month, which gets you 100GB streaming. Not bad. We give that away with our free demo... For $100 you get almost 1TB of streaming with us. Sermoncast's overage charge is $0.55 per GB. We have one price, $0.09 per GB, for your actual usage. At ScaleEngine, you only pay for the bits, once a month.

The $25 Sermoncast package, provides 25GB of streaming. Scaleengine will charge you $2.25 for 25 GB streaming, plus our $25 minimum. Okay, a little more, be we are an actual CDN with worldwide presence.

Bottom Line: To do 275GB of video streaming, you would pay $200 at Sermoncast, and $50 at ScaleEngine.

*Comparison of prices from 2014-06-09. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.