OTT Apps

Running your OTT app on ScaleEngine

Are you creating an OTT app? If so, ScaleEngine is a perfect provider for all your video hosting needs. We offer a highly featured platform with everything you need to offer the perfect experience to all your viewers.

Our CDN will give excellent availability to viewers all around the world, giving them an excellent viewing experience. You can offer a library of VOD content, live streams, or a TV channel created from your VOD content. Or offer all of them at once!

We offer a host of features, like live stream transcoding to offer adaptive bitrate for viewers with limited internet, or DVR rewind so viewers can rewind and watch any part again. Our player generation system makes generating player code for your apps or website easy, and we have support for pre-roll ads in the player, either VAST ads from an ad network or offer your own ads for your sponsors. We also have security with our SEVU system to restrict your streams to paying customers and prevent rebroadcasting.

Our pricing is very friendly to someone just starting out, or someone with an established viewer base. Our account fees are straightforward, and we charge exact usage only for bandwidth and storage. No minimum amounts or bracketed viewer-hours that force you to pay for more than you need.

If this sounds like something interesting to you, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to help with your specific needs. We offer a 1 week demo/trial account completely free, no credit card or automatic activation at all.

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