Streamzilla Price Comparison

Service Type ScaleEngine Video CDN Streamzilla High Volume
Video Stream Hosting, Per 10TB/month $900.00 $1,380.00

Streamzilla has decent European coverage, possibly as good as ScaleEngine, but we are known for our excellent European and North American coverage.

Their High Volume Product is 1000 Euros per month, which gets you 10TB streaming. Not bad. We charge $900 for that, each month. Look a little closer though. Streamzilla setup is 1000 Euro; ours is free, always has been. You only get the 1000 Euro price if you sign a 2 year contract; that is 24,000 Euros up front. If only want a 1 year contract, you pay a %15 surcharge, so your 1000 Euros is now 1150 Euros a month, times 12 months, or 13,800 Euros up front. Additional traffic is $0.13 per month if you buy 10TB (at 0.10 Euro). At ScaleEngine, you only pay for the bits, once a month.

To get ScaleEngine quality support, you pay 750 Euros a month, for 4 incidents, 4 hours. Our redundant VOD storage is $0.20 per GB. Streamzilla storage is 0.50 Euro per GB, which is over three times as expensive. The basic Streamzilla package, at 200E per month on a 24 month contract, provides 1TB of streaming, and 1GB storage. Support is extra. A lot extra. Additional Terabytes are 250 Euros. ScaleEngine is $25 a month, $90 per TB.

Bottom Line: To do 10TB of video streaming, you would pay about $2,000 a month (for 2 years) at Streamzilla, $900 at ScaleEngine.

*Comparison of prices from 2012-12-28. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.