Ustream Price Comparison

Service Type ScaleEngine Video CDN Ustream Pro Standard
Video Stream Hosting, Per GB/month $0.09 $0.20

Ustream, like many of the early video streaming startups, is out of money, and does not have a viable business model. Therefore, they show lots of advertising on their "free" streaming, and it's often completely inappropriate and unprofessional, and it also means that your content is the product, and that you do not control the messages showing on it. Pretty much like YouTube for VOD, Ustream fails at its core "free" business by stomping all over everyone's content with rubbish.

However, if you really want a shock, check out the actual pricing for Ustream pro streaming. It's worse than Amazon, and that is saying something.

To get anything like ScaleEngine quality, you need to pay $499.00 per month with Ustream. That is ridiculously expensive. Even their $99.00 per month offering only gets you 50GB of video delivered. Our free demo gives you TWICE that. FREE. The $499.00 per month Ustream Pro Standard gets you 500GB of ad-free streaming. That costs $70.00 with ScaleEngine! They charge "overage" at $0.20 per GB. We don't have a concept of overage, we are flat at $0.09! The Enterprise account at Ustream gets you 1TB of streaming for $999.00. This amount of bandwidth costs $90.00 with us!
What you are seeing is this: Ustream used all its startup money to get big. It has big offices, executives, marketing and lots of employees with a fancy web interface, so it needs to charge a lot of money to maintain those things. We've got a basic interface, and you need your own encoder, but with vMix or FMLE, you are good to go. We've just got what you need, for basically 1/10th the cost.

Bottom Line: To do 1Tb of video streaming, you would pay $999 at Ustream, $125 at ScaleEngine.

Update: Fun fact, seems ustream will delete your recordings after 30 days. We NEVER do this. Your data is your data, and we think that's why you pay for your recording storage.

*Comparison of prices from 2012-09-16. Subject to change without notice. For informational purposes only.